Khambhat Tirth

Tirth Image
Presiding Deity and Location Shree Abhinandan Bhagwan Lad Vado, Khambhat Antiquity and Salient Features In the “Jai Tihuvan Stotra” preface it talks about this jinalaya. On the entrance of Jinalaya you can see beautiful carvings of Laxshmi Devi and Saraswati Devi.This Jinalaya has two entrances which are decorated by beautiful eye-catching statues of Yaksh & Yakshini made out of marble. Inside the mandap one can find Girnarji, Shatrunjay, Astapadji and Sametshikharji pats. Inside the ghabhara you can see Shree Adreshwar Bhagwan Pratima Ji on the right hand side and Shree Suvidhinath on the left hand side of Mulnayak Shree Abhinandan Bhagwan. During the latest renovation all pratimajis were relocated from the second floor to ground floor. This jinalaya has been in operation since before 1900. Managed By : Shree Jayantilal Chunilal Shah from Patangshi Pol

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