Kakandi Tirth

Tirth Image
The Kakandi Tirth is located in the village of Kakandi in Bihar. The Tirth was built around 2000 years ago. The Tirth was built by a wonderful Jain merchant named Shri Kanhyaiyalalji Vaid. The mulnayak (Suvidhinath Bhagwan) of the Kakandi Tirth is sitting in a padmasan posture and it is white-colored. The length of the idol is 11 in. long. The significance/importance of this tirth is that it is believed that Bhagwan Suvidhinath was born in the same exact place. The tirth is made of bricks with the designs of flowers on them. Bhagwan Mahavir's sermons were also delivered in this tirth. Bhagwan Suvidhinath was born on the day Magsir Agahan Shukla – 1 in the house of King Sugreev, mother’s name was Rama. Up to the birth, for 15 months there was continuous shower of precious stones and jewels. Garbha & Janma Kalyankas were celebrated by Devs & Indra with the public of Kakandi. One day Bhagwan Pushpdanta became ascetic after seeing a meteor fall from the sky. So he left his family, gave up clothes & ornaments and became an ascetic in Pushpak Vana near Kakandi. For years he practiced penance at various places like forests, hills & banks of rivers. Later on he arrived in Pushpak Vana near Kakandi and decided to fast for two days and went into deep meditation and penance. On the day of Kartik Shukla – 3 Bhagwan Suvidhinath attained Kevalgyan. At that time too Devs & Indra celebrated the occasion as Keval Gyan Kalyanak. As Bhagwan attained Kevalgyan, Indra ordered Kuber to prepare a Samavasaran. So many ascetic saints attained salvation from here. Abhaya Ghosh was the King of Kakandi. One day he cut the four legs of a tortoise by sword, so it died, but he was born as a son of Abhaya Ghosh after such death, his name was kept as Chandvega. One day King Abhaya Ghosh saw the Lunar Eclipse and became ascetic. He later became an ascetic and started penance in a forest outside of Kakandi. One day his son Chandvega passed from there while walking. As he saw the Muni, due to the dislike of his previous life he became angry. He took his sword and started cutting the various parts of Muni’s body. But the Muni was so into deep penance & meditation. Due to the increasing concentration in soul, Muni was experiencing the purity of soul. As Chandvega cut the last part of body, by the effect of deep penance, he attained Kevalgyan.t the same time Muni attained salvation.

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